‘NB: When the words are being newly learnt, mention the English meaning after the arabic word. eg. “shamun, sun”. This is to make it clear what the meaning for that arabic word is eg. man/father, wealth etc.’

1. Porridge

This game is good for revision.
1.Make 4 copies of each card. (Cards can be laminated for durability.)
2.Choose 4 words to learn/revise. The game is played with 16 cards at a time. 4 words x 4 copies.
3.Mix the cards up.
4.With the pictures facing downwards towards the floor, arrange the cards in a circle.
5.Each player gets a turn, to turn a card around, everyone sees the picture.
6.The teacher/learner must then name the object in Arabic before placing it in the centre, with the picture visible.
7.Continue with all players.

8.The person who picks a card up that matches the last card in the pile, wins the pile in the Centre.
9.Celebrate! Yay! (jump up and down, victory lap/silly winning song). Have fun!
10.Keep playing till all the cards are used up.)
11.The person with the most cards at the end is the winner!


2. Can you find?

1.Use same cards as for ‘porridge’ game.
2.Lay the cards out on a table/floor with the pictures facing upwards.
3.Leader says: “Can you find all the( say name of object in
arabic )”eg. “Can you find ’shamsun’? (for ‘sun’)”. The learner will
pick up the 4 cards. Celebrate!
(this is a good game to play when the words have been newly
learnt, as the learner must now recall the meaning only, and is not
yet required to say the arabic word.)



3.Treasure hunt- hide the cards in a room or garden.

1.The teacher asks‘ Can you find “name object in Arabic” 

eg.”shamsun” for ‘sun’?

2.Repeat ‘can you find shamsun?’ as the children are looking, or ‘who
found a shamsun?’, ‘where is “shamsun”?’
3.When a card is found- celebrate! ‘Yay! We found one shamsun!’
4.Repeat the word as often as possible while they are looking, finding
and at the end of the lesson mention it again. Eg. recall where each
‘shamsun’ was found.

4. Cards can be used as flashcards.


Card 1: mountain, fire, sun, light bulb, man in white clothes, throne.

Card 2: house with car, house alone, woman in orange, books, money bag, man in white robe

Card 3: mosque, man in blue clothes, book, sea, moon, woman in pink clothes

Card 4: boy in white clothes, sky, fire, yellow sun, sea, book

Card 5: mountain, boy in white clothes, moon, light bulb, throne, king

How to play bingo in:
1.Each player gets a bingo card (card with 6 pictures).
2.One person is the dealer. The dealer has a bowl with one picture
each from the cards being played.
3.The dealer blindly takes a picture from the bowl, shows it to the
players and calls out the name of The object in Arabic eg. if he
picks up a sun, he says ‘shamsun’, who has a ‘shamsun’?
4.All the players search their bingo card for a ‘shamsun’
5.Any player that has a bingo card with a ‘shamsun’ will then cover
6.Continue until all the cards in the dealers bowl are finished.
7.The first player to fill his card is the winner!
8.Yay! Celebrate!

Card games ideas can also be used to teach the Arabic alphabet

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