Arabic to English

1.Body Song

Build a Monster


Print the dice provided below and fold into a dice (can be laminated for durability)

Arabic to English

Dice Template

2. Each player gets a separate paper on which is drawn an oval (face outline), and hair.

3. Let each player have a turn to roll the dice (they roll on their turn).  They must draw the part of the face which they landed on.

4. Play until all players have drawn in all parts of the face.  

5. First one with a complete face is the winner!                                              

Variation: every time a player lands on a body part they should draw it in, even if it is 10 noses! Build a monster and have fun!


Play as for ‘Face’ above. Each player gets  a drawing of a person with only body parts playing being missing.

easy way to learn arabic grammar
easy way to learn arabic grammar

Played like the original game. The leader calls out a body part, everyone should touch that part of their body. “‘For example: The leader says
‘Anfun’ , everyone should touch their nose.’”No one will be eliminated if they don’t touch the correct part of their body, just celebrate correct responses! Continue until you’ve done every body part you’ve learnt.

2.Goodnight Song

1. Test yourself!

2. Activity

Each day choose one object to colour in or draw. Repeat the arabic word by saying ‘beautiful “shamun”!’ etc. to reinforce the word. (good activity for new words)


واحد،اثْنَاْن،ثََلاثَْة,اَربعْة, َخمسْة,ستَّْة,سبعْة,ثَمانيْة,تسعْة,عَشرةْ

1. Hopscotch

See this link on instructions on how to play:

2. Hide and Seek

The seeker covers his eyes and counts to 10 in Arabic, (Repeat as many sets of 10 as is needed). All other players must hide. The seeker must then find all the hidden players. The first one found will be the next seeker. This game should NOT be played in public area due to safety


1. Using our creativity while learning helps us remember better

  • So… make a song/story/poem/dramatic performance/book using the words learnt.
  • For very young children draw/paint a picture,/picture story with words learnt.
  • Stories etc. can be told in English, inserting the Arabic words learnt where appropriate.

2.  Teaching others also helps us remember better

So… teach your mother, brother, sister, cat or toys!   

  •  Give students a chance to be class teacher(fill in discreetly where necessary) eg. pointing along for revision songs.
  • Senior students(who know the material well) can teach juniors.
  • Eg. group students into small groups- 3 x Grade3 students with 3 x Grade1 students, appoint a leader (all seniors get a chance to be leader). Great for playing games eg.the card game-porridge or ‘build a monster’ game.

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